3 Things You Can Do In Washington DC to Prepare Your Inherited House For The Sale

sell an inherited house

We buy houses in Washington DC. We are your local Washington DC home buyers, and we offer cash for houses in Washington DC. Prior to inheriting this home, you were probably dealing with a family member who has been battling a sickness for a long time or has recently moved on from old age The last thing you are thinking about during this period is what to do with their property. If you inherited a property that you intend to sell, make sure you read this blog post all the way through to know the 3 things you can do in Washington DC to prepare your inherited house for the sale…

Tip #1 — Preparing Your Inherited House For Sale

Whether you choose to work with an agent, sell your house by yourself, or work with a cash home buyer, the most important thing to do is save the memories for yourself. It’s easy to discover that you have many mixed emotions about the property, and that can actually keep people from selling an inherited home. Instead, they just pay to hold onto the property but never really enjoy the property. The best step here is to understand that you are experiencing emotions about the memories and about the person who lived here. The house itself is just the structure.

So if you’re thinking of selling but want to preserve the memories, do something special in the house — take pictures, gather some of the furniture and photographs and other mementos that you will cherish. You’ll have a few things that represent your memories and you’ll still be able to sell the house to keep it from becoming a burden.

Tip #2 — Preparing Your Inherited House For Sale

Chances are, you inherited the house from someone who lived there for a while. When this happens, you’ll find out that the person who lived there may have taken very good care of the house but after living in the same house for a while there might be areas of the house that they didn’t use very much, or perhaps areas of the house that they used for storage. The best way to help your inherited house sell is to clear the house out, clean it up thoroughly, and present a beautiful empty house to buyers.

Tip #3 — Preparing Your Inherited House For Sale

Last, you should think about giving your house a paint job. If you inherited the house from someone who lived in it a while, they may have cared for the house but the wall colors may have faded. A paint job is affordable for you and it’s an easy way to help a house feel fresh and lived-in, even if you choose not to make any other updates or renovations to the house.


When your loved one passed the house on to you, they did so because they wanted to give you this gift. But selling the inherited house may make the most sense. So you’ve just read 3 things you can do in Washington DC to prepare your inherited house for the sale.

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